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All qualified drivers, no matter their immigration status, should be able to apply for a driver’s license.

The Work & Family Mobility Act

The Work and Family Mobility Act is about improving public safety and mobility for all Massachusetts families. By allowing all immigrants to apply for a drivers’ license regardless of immigration status, the bill would ensure that our immigrant friends and neighbors can take their children to the doctor or to school without fear of detention or deportation

Governor Baker has vetoed the Work and Family Mobiliyt Act, but State House leadership has committed to override! Visit our News & Updates page for more information!

Benefits of Granting Driver’s Licenses
to All Qualified Residents

Tested and insured drivers make the roads safer for everyone

Drivers licenses increase public safety

Driving is essential to mobility in Massachusetts

More drivers can have a positive effect on our state’s economy

Stopping the risk of immigrant families being torn apart every time they drive

There is bipartisan support for driver’s license legislation across the U.S


Drivers licenses increase public safety

All residents of Massachusetts should have the right to a standard Massachusetts driver’s license!

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We are a coalition that together unites immigrant communities, advocates, allies, and other stakeholders throughout Massachusetts to coordinate a unified driver’s license campaign.

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